A haiku on food:

Satisfying and full of
Regret. Lots of poo.

By Megan Gray & clinton freeman

never gets old

isn’t it amazing?

that feeling of being with family and friends. most of the time it’s taken for granted. that feeling of comfort and the notion that things will be okay because they are there with you, and you are actually happy, and everything else is simply trivial. security is so special and so often overlooked as a central part to one’s happiness and i just hope to never forget that. i want to remember this feeling and the power that people you love and care about can have over you, because really, aren’t we just lost without them? wouldn’t we just be floating in space, ungrounded, unattached, unknowing whether our emotional, physical, or even mental state is safe if not for the people in our lives that remind us of what’s important?

an encounter i had

recently i’ve taken to spending my lunch breaks at panera, making use of my free daily-cup-o-joe-in-july perk. there was an elderly couple sitting at a table near me today and i hadn’t thought much about them except maybe they would judge me for eating my packed lunch. at any rate, i don’t know if it was the thunderstorm going on outside or the fact that i didn’t actually burn my tongue on the coffee this time, but it felt like an even more perfect day to read than usual. and what better way to relax than to do just that? out of nowhere the old man asks if my computer’s broken, and my initial look of confusion prompted him to continue, ”it’s good to see people still read books.” he may have caught me off guard, but i immediately thought about how creative and informative books can be and how most of my friends read even more than i do. and so i assured them that books are still relevant and the lady was so overjoyed as to clap her hands together and exclaim with excitement, “oooh!!” 

that was it. that was the extent of our encounter and yet it left me distracted for the remainder of their presence at panera. if my ethics class last semester left me with anything, it’s that technology has had an extremely dangerous and unpredictable effect on people, especially those younger than myself. if i’m already worried about the future of society in their hands, then i can hardly imagine what older generations are thinking about its current state. these people have real, significant memories and experiences from a period when books (rather than 4G and snapchat) were a constant.

sure the internet is a powerful tool, but “powerful” doesn’t necessarily mean good and “tool” doesn’t necessarily translate to effective. if generations can be subdivided into mini-gens, then i’m in the mini-gen that’s not only contributing to the problem, but also recognizes the problem, has to deal with it, and will live long enough to see how everything plays out. there’s a lot to be said about a society dictated by computers and the subtle obsolescence of books, but for now there’s this


An interesting look at “parking craters” in various cities across the United States. I’m shocked they didn’t show Atlanta at all

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waiting for my sister to post her wedding pics online and i’m too excited and impatient so, my lucky followers, behold!

planned a route to run along. route not actually interesting but what a cool feature!

quite possibly the best video that exists on the internet

She got out her sketchbook and made a few pencil lines. He stood and walked all the way to the edge of the cliff, glanced over, almost far enough to topple, but she caught him with her pencil, secured him to the page.
story of my life.

story of my life.

And I hate going to bed feeling like this especially for the second night in a row, when I know the only thing that will make me feel better is the one thing that isn’t gonna happen

when did i become the kind of person who just sits around and waits? who’s so stubborn that she’ll probably continue to wait for something that more than likely will never surface. i’m slowly but surely going hysterical. and it’s all my doing, or rather, my undoing. 

taking the next step forward

there are countless people who come into our lives… some leave behind greater marks than others. they are the ones who stay forever etched in our hearts. the ones we think about late at night as we’re falling asleep. we lay there thinking of the times we shared together and once in a while we’re surprised to uncover a memory of them we thought was nearly lost. those are the times we treasure the powers of friendship and love, the times we wonder if, wherever they are, they still remember us and we hope they remember the same moments that we remember. 

but then there are those who barely make a dent in our lives. they come and go just like tidal waves crashing against a rocky coastline. except unlike waves, they don’t always come back to us. these are the people we wish we got to know better, the ones we could’ve made memories with.. sometimes we wonder why that didn’t happen and we realize it’s because one of us or one of them simply didn’t care enough to try. in the end, these are the people who merely meld into the background of our lives and any memory of them is one of disinterest or perhaps regret. 

day in and day out we encounter a number of people who have the ability to leave a lasting impression on us. but more often than not, the bonds of camaraderie are broken, and someone you meet today won’t remember your name tomorrow. even the ones who manage to leave behind a permanent stake in our lives might not remember the same things and emotions that we recall late at night as we try to fall asleep…

and whether they do or don’t doesn’t really matter in the end. all that matters is being able to pick up the pieces and move on.